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Poor Jaime - Part Two by theWX Poor Jaime - Part Two by theWX

Jaime pulled herself from the couch a few minutes later. She was feeling kinda strange, but couldn’t quite pinpoint why and how. Her head had been feeling kinda warm and her ears especially felt like they were red hot. As Jaime walked over to the television to turn it off, it sounded louder. Shrugging this off, she flicked it off and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Her mouth felt parched.

She had just gulped some water when a car alarm exploded outside. Jaime jumped, dropping the bottle of water onto the ground.

“Shit,” she grunted and immediately picked up the water bottle. She grabbed the nearest towel and soaked up the spillage.

Rising back up, Jaime caught her reflection in the window. Something didn’t look right . . .

“What the hell -- ?!” she screamed, her own voice sounding louder.

Jaime spun around ran to the bathroom. There, on the sides of her head, was a pair of golden retriever ears. She stood there for a moment, face flushing as she contemplated the ramifications of this. Was this real? Was she hallucinating? Was this some kinda joke?

She reached up and yanked on one. Jaime gasped in slight pain, her mouth falling open . . .

Jaime looked down and saw her tongue hanging out between her lips. It touched the bottom of her chin. She jumped back a little at the sight it. Her ears flopped in the air against the side her head; her new tongue bounced off her chin.

She touched it and suddenly could taste her fingers in a more intense way than she ever could before. Jaime leaned closer to the mirror, staring at these new features, taking them in, trying to convince herself this was all just a dream.

‘This is no dream,’ Jaime realized.

And it certainly did not stop there.


Drawing by :iconterrabm:
Color and Story by me
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